March 18, 2014

How light affects the body

Here's an illustration I made for this month's issue (#34) of Lux Magazine to go with an article on how light affects the body.

And here's a colored version of it 

March 5, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

"Spring Has Sprung" is a commissioned illustration that is going to be used as a newsletter headline for an e-commerce company.

January 14, 2014

Burn this house

Alongside the release of his debut single 'Burn this House,' Australian singer/songwriter Mwansa, collaborated with artists all over the world across various mediums and art forms to create works, inspired by the song. The brief was simple - create whatever the music moves you to create.
Here is my piece and the sketch I've done for this collaboration.

You can listen to the song and see a sample of the collection of works here

January 7, 2014


Light from Razvan Anghelache on Vimeo.

My submission for December/January loopdeloop theme, LIGHT. Close your eyes and explore the lights of the world within.

December 23, 2013


Because ending the year always comes with excesses, I think it's time to post some commissioned work I've done for a program promoting a healthy living lifestyle. 
So here's one of the projects I've been working on lately for
I made their logo, character design and the animated explainer video.

If you are interested in an animated video for your business don't hesitate to contact me at anghelrazvin[at]

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