January 29, 2011


My contribution to the "Missing Link Project" by Pictoplasma

January 28, 2011

Flying Ships

Watercolor, markers and liners

January 26, 2011

Rainbow Owl

Rainbow Owl, acrylics on canvas panel, 30x30 cm

Status: sold

January 18, 2011

First Chromatic Trips open challenge

This is my illustration for the challenge on Chromatic Trips

The challenge for the next two weeks is: Choose a photo from http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/ and make an illustration using it as a reference. Then send the image to chromatictrips@gmail.com along with the photo you started from, work's title, technique, your name and personal details (email, website)
deadline: 18 January

January 14, 2011

Hunting in Romania

A couple of illustrations focused on the parallel between bow hunting and firearms hunting.
In Romania, hunting with firearms is legal. Bow hunting is not. Hunting is one of the oldest human activities and over the centuries it was practiced in various methods. When its sole purpose was ensuring the food, nowadays it has became a way of entertainment.  The progress of firearms and hunting gear that are integrating more and more technology is giving fewer chances to the game. Reaching the game habitat became easier and this allows the hunter to become quicker and more easily close to the beasts. In Romania bow hunting is forbidden. Is it because hunting with fire arms is more ethical than bow hunting? Or is it a political game, just as hunting has become?

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