June 19, 2014


GLÍE, glii, s. f. (Pop.) 1. Pământ, ogor; fig. patrie. ◊ Expr. Sub glie = în mormânt.

Glie is an art installation about the short sightedness and greed of the ones who for personal gain forget that we’ll all return to the dust wherefrom we came no matter how rich we've got during our lifetime. Learning to respect and live in balance with the planet that sustains us would give the future generations the opportunity to return peacefully into the clay perpetuating the circle of life instead of witnessing an apocalyptic end of the humankind.

June 11, 2014

Skotch Bonnit Album Cover

Now that summertime and the heat are here to stay at lest for a few months(not to mention the global warming), enjoy the cool album cover illustration I made for Skotch Bonnit.

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