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Exciting news, everyone!
I have been accepted as one of 15 students to the Master’s programme in fine arts at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, in Sweden!  This represents a huge opportunity to work in an extreme northern environment which would be for me a truly unique source of inspiration, incomparable to anything else I've experienced. I welcome this new living environment and perspective that will enhance, enrich and bring a broader perspective to my work.  
My focus during my MFA will be to create a consistent body of work in a wide range of media and techniques on the theme of fear.
In order for this to be a successful addition to my education I am seeking additional ways of funding the cost for accommodation, daily living and materials. To do this I’m selling my original artwork! Donations are also welcome if you want to support me in the creation of this new body of work as well as education. I decided not to go with a crowdfunding campaign but if you choose to donate I have a lot of rewards for you: postcards, stickers and I can make prints and t-shirts with my illustrations so get in touch!
Please take a look at my website and my Behance portfolio to see some of my past works. You can also contact me at anghelrazvin[at] 
Thanks for stopping by, sharing and supporting me and my educational and creative endeavors!  
These are the artworks I'm selling: 

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